Housing, Health, Education and Community Services Department

The department houses different sections, performing different duties which help to cater for the community. The Director of Housing and Community Services is the Head of this department. 

Medical Health


Chipinge Town has got a handful of health facilities. The Council’s Health department runs 2 primary health care Clinics the first one is located in Gaza High density and the other one is located in Town. These clinics help pregnant women by training them through workshops on issues like safe motherhood, STIs, HIV and AIDS aiming at reducing maternal deaths.

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Environmental Health


The Environmental Health Technician (EHT) is the head of the section who reports to the Director of Housing and community services. Environmental health services include operations related to environment and food hygiene control, control of outbreaks, waste management, pollution and pest control. Water analysis through onsite and offsite analysis also aids in the duties of the EHT. In addition, inspection of buildings for example.

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