The Centre of Governance Excellence for Socio-Economic Growth by 2030.


To provide first class service delivery and promote economic growth to enhance the quality of life of the residence of Chipinge town.


Chipinge town is domiciled in the Eastern Highlands of Zimbabwe, 188 km from Mutare and 48km from the Mount Selinda Border post to Mozambique. In 2003 Chipinge Town Board was separated from the Chipinge Rural District to form Chipinge Town Council through the presidential proclamation number 18 of 2002, statutory instrument 310. The town comprises of eight wards.
Chipinge District is pre-dominantly occupied by the Ndau people, with a small portion of its southern tip occupied by the Shangani people.

The estimated population of the town, according to the District Central Statistics department, using an annual growth projection of 3% is 28,057 up from the 25,292 recorded in the 2012 national census. Chipinge District experiences all characteristics of 5 farming regions of Zimbabwe and this makes it one of the unique districts in Zimbabwe.



  • Proactiveness
  • Accountability
  • Transparency
  • Teamwork
  • Integrity


Town Secretary

  • Direct, supervise, appraise, develop and report on the work and conduct of all council employees and take appropriate measures to ensure efficiency and discipline among all council employees
  • Be responsible for the effectiveness and efficiency of the organization of the council and the coordination and where necessary the integration of its activities for such purposes, he may after consultation with the head of department, concerned, inspect, inquire into investigate the working and administration of any department or section thereof either by himself or through any person authorized by him
  • Introduce, implement and monitor adequate control systems.

Administration and Human Resources

The administration department is responsible for the formulation of policies which are geared towards the:

  • Safeguarding of organizational objectives and goals.
  • Assists the Council Chairman in executing his duties among other things.
  • To be responsible for the Estate Management and valuation of property.
  • Determination of nature and quality of services to be provided
  • Standard approach to issues on agreed framework of operations
  • To appoint and discharge senior employees.
  • To be the custodian of all human and administrative issues
  • To ensure the organization operates within legal frame work
  • Is the secretariat nerve of the organisation
  • To initiate amendments or repeal of by-laws.
  • To report to council any matter referred to it by council.
  • To exercise any other function that council may delegate.



The committee is responsible for regulating the following issues in accordance with the standing orders and by-laws:

  • The collection of all income and expenditure of all moneys authorized in the confirmed estimates or supplementary estimates of the council.
  • Administrating and monitoring the overall financial affairs of the council and its committees.
  • To submit at an ordinary meeting of council a schedule of payments made by or on behalf of council and any committee.
  • Submit an interim report showing the financial transactions and affairs of council during that year.
  • To approve council estimates.

Engineering Department

Terms of reference of the committee

  • To provide public lighting.
  • Protection and saving of life and property in the case of fire or other emergency.
  • Development control and enforcement of Model Building by laws in line with the Urban Councils Act.
  • To monitor and supervise the implementation of all capital and engineering projects including servicing of all stands in Chipinge Town area.
  • To prepare detailed projects designs for funding.
  • To provide and manage Water and Waste delivery system as required by (WHO) World Health Organisation.
  • To be the Chief Advisory of all Technical issues to Chipinge Town Council.
  • To provide all the Architect services to the Town.
  • To plan and implement all issues pertaining to Planning, appraisal of building plans, construction and maintenance of roads.
  • To run the workshop professionally.
  • Monitoring of air pollution.
  • To exercise any other duties that the council may delegate to it.


The Town Engineer is the Head of this Department and it deals with the waste water treatment section and water works section. The Department encompasses workshop section where all council vehicles are monitored and fire risks are managed through fire brigade section. The department is also responsible for approving plans, inspect building developments.

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