Activities in Chipinge

Chipinge Town is the rising star from the east located in Manicaland Province. It is the home of many agricultural-based companies and because of the temperatures which are very low, it is a good place to grow tea and bananas.

Hotels and Lodges

Chipinge is a town blessed with some recreational areas. World class hotels and lodges are dotted all over the town and district.

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Investment Opportunities

Chipinge town boosts about diversity in light industries spanning from artwork to general business. Chipinge is strategically positioned near Zimbabwe-Mozambique border which in itself open doors for investment opportunities in the town.

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Business Partners

Chipinge Town Council boosts of a strong business network it has created over years. There are a number of NGOs, private companies as well as government organs that have come aboard to fuel the development of the town.

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Chipinge town lies in the country’s ecological region one which receives an abundance of rainfall each year and cool temperatures. This climate is conducive for horticulture, tea and coffee plantations as well as maize production, just to mention a few.

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Dams, rainy forests and natural scenery are among some of Chipinge’s recreational elements.

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Citizen Engagement

The Town Council believes that the council and its people must live in harmony and synch hence it has forged strong and tight relations with its community. This has been realised through citizen engagement programs facilitated by the council’s partners.

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Our Current Projects

New Payment Plan System

In the move to embrace ease of doing business, Chipinge Town council has implemented a system that manages payment plans.

All clients are invited to come and do payment plans at council offices and avoid termination of services.

License Renewal

All traders are advised to come and renew their business licenses for the first quarter of 2018. Operating without a license is an offense…

If you have closed business you are requested to notify the council officials to avoid debt accrual.

Lease Renewals

The town council is carrying out an exercise to ensure that every property owner renews his/her lease agreement.

A new system has also been put in place to quicken the whole process. You are advised to visit council offices for more details on this development.

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